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About Us

About Us

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RESBIR is an association of members, for members and by members. For over 10 years, RESBIR has been dedicated to protecting, promoting, representing, and educating our members so that they can better serve the public. By pursuing this straightforward goal, we have become one of the most effective trade organizations in North Cyprus.

Mediterranean cuisine, with touch of Cyprus flavor, has become a phenomenon, setting the standard for culinary and hospitality innovation worldwide. The Cyprus Turkish Restaurant Association (RESBIR) strives to be the definitive voice for this vibrant business, infusing our member restaurants’ signature creative spirit into our own mission as we help move the industry forward.

With more than 300 eating and drinking establishments currently operating in North Cyprus, an estimated $1 million in food and drink sales in 2007 and the generation of over $250,000 thousand in sales tax per year, restaurants are indisputably a driving force in both the state employment and revenue sectors.

The RESBIR is proud to support an industry that is not only known for its creativity and innovation, but also for its significant impact on the general well-being of North cyprus. We hope that you will join us in enhancing industry opportunities for success and in keeping Cyprus' restaurants and cuisine unique, exciting and fresh.

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Board Of DirectorsOur Staff

President:   Süleyman GÜRCAFER

Treasurer: Alpay Orhan GÜVENLİER

General Secretary: İnanç ÖNAL

Accountant: Arif BAYRAKTAR

Social and Cultural Act.: İlke ÜNLÜCAN

Local Officer: Sibel BİTİRİM

Active Member: Mehmet ERÜLKÜ

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